Tofino is currently experiencing a housing crisis and underwent an “Affordable Housing Needs Assessment“.

Whilst no specific plan has yet been brought forward to solve this, the transition town initiative would like to provide encouragement towards more sustainable housing as we move towards a less carbon intensive community.

Not only is the physical footprint of a house an important consideration for conservation, but also the materials used, the location of the build and resources available to these new structures.

The clayoquot biosphere trust has worked alongside Simon Fraser University and the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences in Vienna to create a report entitled: “Affordable Living in Tofino: Creatively Exploring Solutions to Sustainable, Affordable Housing“.

The report contains some excellent suggestions that would fit well with the Transition Town Initiatives vision and the general vibe of the Tofino Area, including:

  • Tiny Homes
  • Yurts


Housing in Ucluelet is more accessible and slightly more affordable, however, we feel consideration could be given to an electric powered bus service that links to the two towns to make commuting more feasible and thus relieving the pressures of the housing crisis in Tofino.

Green Building

Built Green” is a nationwide resource where construction companies can register their interest in green practices.

Taken from their site:

Built Green Canada is an industry-driven, voluntary program that promotes “green” building practices to reduce the impact building has on the environment. Our programs benefit the home buyer, the home builder, the community, and the environment, and offer everyone an opportunity to choose a “green” future.

This is also a great place for homeowners to source out a ‘green company’ to renovate or build there home.

If you own a construction company in the Tofino-Ucluelet area, go and register now.

Other Existing Resources