Organic matter in landfills produces a lot of methane gasses and as such, it is very important that we remove organic matter from our landfills.

Information taken from the ‘Environment Canada’ website states that ’emissions from Canadian landfills account for 20% of national methane emissions’. It also states that:

“Methane is 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide in terms of its global warming potential. “

With 10,000 daily visitors to Tofino in the summer months it is important that we divert as much organic waste as we can from our landfills.

This responsibility falls not only on individuals that live in Tofino, but also by those visiting. Composting can be encouraged and even conducted by hotels in the region. This also solves a second issue, that we don’t have much soil here and shipping in compost from afar is carbon intensive.

Transitioning Forward

It should be possible for most people in the area to compost, yet we understand there are some bylaw restrictions in Ucluelet. This restriction might need to be revisited in the near future to assist in making composting more accessible for Ucluelet.

Certain hotels do run their own composting programs and could maybe assist other hotels in setting this up.

Individuals with a lack of space to compost, might want to connect with the Tofino Urban Farm who have been conducting a kerbside pickup service for local residents in the Tofino area.

Transition town would like to work towards a group purchasing scheme to reduce the cost of compost bins. If you are interested in group purchasing fill out this short form.

Composting Toilets

With the recent water shortages, moving to a composting toilet is one of the best ways to save on water. Check out some options at this Canadian composting toilet company: