Inspired by the numerous Transition Projects around the globe a small group of people decided that it was time to set up a ‘Transition Town’ project here on the West Coast.

Transition Town is a worldwide initiative that is set to change the way communities operate and interact, with the main focus being: Transitioning away from an oil based economy and thriving in a world without oil.

It is our intention to educate and inspire the people of these two very remote towns to be more self sufficient and less reliant on external resources.

What happens when oil becomes too expensive to extract? What happens when tourists no longer visit us? What happens when food can not be delivered to us?

All of these questions and more, is the driving factor behind this initiative.

We will assist in setting forth a new way of living, a new way of creating abundance and a cleaner, more self reliant community, able to provide for it’s own needs without external assistance.

We envision the transition town project to inspire our visitors also, so they too, may take home a desire to create a better way of living in their communities.

The future is here and you are a very important part of it.


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